Follow-up: Harvesting the fruits

Each project always bears fruit. To ensure that the fruit you get is the one you wanted, you need to have a clear plan before you begin, making sure that the "point of departure" is well thought-out and that the desired outcome is compatible with the planned activities.

The monitoring and evaluation process should ensure that the project is on the right track and that you can take appropriate action if things do not go as planned.

There are different types of fruit at the end of each project and it is important to be able to recognize and name all of them. This process is best done together by all who have taken part in the project or have somehow been involved. Some fruit is very tangible, such as things you create, perform, build or buy. Other fruit is less tangible, such as things you learn, new insights, new knowledge or abilities. All of these become visible through the evaluation and follow-up actions.

How far you will be able to use what you have learnt depends on the extent of learning that has taken place during the project. If your behaviour, view of society or values and beliefs have not changed, then you have merely taken part in an activity, but not really learnt anything from it.